Friday, January 7, 2011

QR the Classroom????


I have fallen in love with QR codes.  If you point your QR reader on your smart phone to this image, you will get a link to the College English wiki.  Now, it seems silly to use a QR reader here in a blog,

BUT, what if...

- You went to the library at school, and inside the cover of Shakespeare's MacBeth, you could scan this (video summaries of MacBeth from 60secondrecap)?


- You were writing a research paper and presenting a poster of the teaching of feminism in high schools, and wanted visitors to find this awesome resource (FeministTeacher's Blog)?


- You wanted students to be able to download all of your lecture notes as a whole or as single entries like this (Jean-Claude Bradley's Orgo 1 videocast)?


QR codes are awesome tools to help people find good information quickly.  We are no longer bound by email, Facebook, or Twitter - we can print out QR codes and add them everywhere and anywhere.

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