Sunday, January 2, 2011

The First Post: Teaching with BRG

I have other blogs - Beth's Second Life is probably the most well travelled, but I don't use Second Life much in the classroom at the high school level, so I don't post there.

As part of my "Be a Better Teacher" resolution, I am starting a fresh new blog over here. We'll see how it goes. Moving from the comforts of the college classroom to the chaos of the high school classroom has been absolutely rewarding, awesome, and meaningful. There are days when it is frustrating, and I doubt my senses; there are other days when everything works, clicks, and I realize that I am really "part of the change I hope to see in this world."

Right now I am planning for the next term. I am also reviewing tools that have come along my Twitter or Diigo feeds. I love to try new products and test them out. Today, I tried and, truly, it is an awesome place to get some very cool fonts.

#engchat, #edchat, #EdTech

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